Alberto J. Caban-Martinez,

Assistant Professor
Division of Environment & Public Health
Department of Public Health Sciences
Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

Research Interest :


Dr Caban-Martinez is a board-certified osteopathic physician and occupational epidemiologist with research interest disease surveillance and workplace intervention design. His work primarily has focused on the development of workplace interventions to reduce musculoskeletal disorders in the construction industry. More recently he has been collaborating and co-leading the Sylvester Firefighter Cancer Initiative on research projects to document the caner burden in the Florida Fire Service, develop new methods of carcinogen detection, and evaluate workplace interventions to reduce cancer risk.  


Role in the Project: Data/Survey Director


Dr Caban-Martinez serves as Deputy Director of the overall Firefighter Cancer Initiative and leads the Environmental Sampling Program, the Advancing Epidemiology of Retired fIrefighters Aging Longitudinally (AERIAL) Cohort study, and Tumor Banking program.