Focus Groups & Survey Development
Developing a Comprehensive Cancer Survey with Volunteer and Career Firefighters
The Data Coordinating Center (DCC) of the Firefighter Cancer Initiative collected focus group data with both career and volunteer fire services from 2017 through 2018 including Plantation Fire Rescue, Orange County Fire Rescue, Boston Fire Department, Helmet Peak Fire Department, and the Tucson Fire Department. Firefighters spent time with DCC scientists developing and reviewing proposed national survey questions that will be fielded with Fire Departments across the United States. The survey data collected as part of the Fire Fighter Cancer Cohort study will assist scientists from the University understand how cancer develops in the fire fighter workforce.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
Successful FFCCS Exposure Assessment Training Day
A big kudos to our Exposure Assessment Core of the Fire Fighter Cancer Cohort Study that presented on Friday, June 30, 2017 to the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue on data collection protocols. Dr. Kenneth Fent and his team did a wonderful job presenting the protocol, conducting the training, and addressing firefighter questions.
Oversight Planning Board Meeting Workshop
Synopsis of Workshop and Future Efforts
The workshop in Columbus, OH was held in July 2017 with 63 emergency responder, fire protection and research professionals to assess proposed communication and awareness tools to be used in a Fire Service Contamination Control Campaign. The workshop was organized into different segments over afternoon and morning sessions to cover specific approaches for minimizing fire fighter exposure to a range of hazardous contaminants, known to create both acute and chronic health and safety issues.